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5 Incredible Sports Games

We all like video games. Some prefer playing on their mobile phones, while betting from time to time, using promo codes like this Betvictor Promo Code. Others prefer playing video games on a big screen, like a large TV. There are few video games that work that well on large TV screens. Fast-paced action games are immediately out of the question.

What most people turn to as a great social activity are sports video games. Technically, you can always play the newest FIFA or PES game and call it quits, but there are always those great sports video games that people return to. These are the best of them.

NBA 2K11

Basketball 300x200 - 5 Incredible Sports GamesThere aren’t many games that are as good as NBA 2K11. The NBA franchise has suffered from staleness and a lack of innovation. There is only so much you can do to a basketball game to make it different.

However, 2K11 had a great aura about it, from the cover, Micahel Jordan, to the gameplay, which was among the best of all basketball games. The game also has an interesting campaign choice, one where you can basically play out the life of Michael Jordan. Some of these ideas should be implemented in new video games. 

FIFA 2013

You can always say that the newest game is the best, but it will not be true in the eyes of hardcore fans. That being said, FIFA 2013 is a pretty good video game. It is a game where you can play as Messi and Ronaldo, or rather, have them on your teams and use their skills to beat other players. FIFA as a franchise is responsible for a lot of destroyed controllers. Friendships will be challenged and there will be a lot of fun, either way.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Skateboard 300x196 - 5 Incredible Sports GamesMost people would say that the second game in the franchise is the best, but realistically, each of them has its own vibe. The third one is a great and fun game, but all of them will be a lot of fun for any skating fan. You can skate, collide with vehicles, basically have falls and bails which would hospitalize anybody, without repercussions.

It also has a wicked soundtrack, which goes hand in hand with the skate culture and gives the gameplay a great atmosphere. 


The NFL doesn’t get the love that it should in the video game world. The franchise was suffering most of the time, but there have been plenty of titles that were great over the years. This was the second one in the franchise, and it was among the most loved games of the series. It has great gameplay which was ahead of its time and offers a lot of fun to any football fan.

MVP Baseball 2005

There aren’t many video games that make baseball a fun game to play on a computer. This one made it very interesting to hit a power bar and start running. It is a great way to introduce new sports fans to baseball.


These are some of the best sports video games that you should play.