Video Conference 833x474 - 3 Best Video Conference Software in 2021

3 Best Video Conference Software in 2021

Last year was difficult for many people and even if you didn’t directly experience the pandemic when it comes to health, you’ve definitely experienced it in your lifestyle. We all did and it was a shocking experience to go through. We suddenly couldn’t leave our houses or see people that we care about. We’ve also learned that life goes on even in the midst of a global pandemic, so we relatively quickly adjusted. Working from home has been one of the biggest adjustment difficulties for many people as we suddenly started joining video conferences instead of seeing people in the office. We’ve also realized that some video conference software is just better than others. Let’s take a look. 


zoom 300x200 - 3 Best Video Conference Software in 2021You have probably either used Zoom already or at least heard about it. It is a great video conference platform (some would even say the best compared to others on the market) that many companies use. Zoom is really easy to use on different devices, you can have 100 people at the meeting max (most of us need like 20, so this is more than enough) and there is even a free tier that you can use and not pay for. Some negative sides are that if you want to have a meeting longer than 40min you have to pay for it, and that the software isn’t online which means that you have to download it.  


Slack is great for video calls if you are already using it as a communication tool in your company or team. It is great for chatting with coworkers and then quickly jumping on a call when someone suggests it. It is also good that there is a free tier just like with Zoom, and this one covers most of the basic needs of a conference call for a small number of people. It is also quite easy to use and once you get a hang of it, the endless gifs and emojis you can send really make this software stand out. However, just like with Zoom, you have to download the application onto your device first and make an account. 

Google Meet

online conference 300x225 - 3 Best Video Conference Software in 2021Of course, Google had to appear somehow on the list of the best software. There are many amazing things about video calls on Google Meet.

First, they are free and completely online so no downloads are needed. This really makes the process of organizing a meeting and getting on a call much easier. If you are also using Gmail and Google Calendar, Google Meet will just be a bonus for you as it, of course, syncs with all of your other Google platforms and makes your life so much easier.