Twitch 833x474 - Will Twitch Replace Youtube?

Will Twitch Replace Youtube?

When we think about what we like to do on the internet, it all boils down to a couple of things – chatting with people, playing online casino games using 1xbet welcome bonus, watching TV shows and movies, and most of all, watching Youtube. For a long time, Youtube has been the only platform on the Internet that provided creators with a place where they can upload their creations, no matter how long or short. They were able to connect with the fans, grow their audience, and eventually turn Youtube into a job and a really high-paying job as well. However, Youtube’s domination over the internet was suddenly shaken when Twitch started getting more visits and many creators began switching to this other platform. Now, Youtube and Twitch are constantly battling for that number one spot, so let’s examine both of them and compare. Will Twitch replace Youtube? 

The differences

Twitch Logo 300x265 - Will Twitch Replace Youtube?When one platform has such a powerful spot on the market, it is extremely difficult for any other platform to come even close. That is why Twitch had to focus on one thing that Youtube lacked – live streaming. Although Youtube has had this feature for a long time, this wasn’t its primary use, so people who wanted to stream for hours and hours on end, chose Twitch as their place to do it.

On the other hand, those who want to watch any kind of shorter videos, tutorials, cooking videos, or anything else, would always choose Youtube as their source. 

What’s the issue then? 

You might be thinking, well if Twitch is for gaming and live streaming and Youtube for everything else, what’s the issue? They offer different things and based on what viewers are looking for, they will gravitate to either one or another. Well… as with any huge corporation, these two are not satisfied with sharing viewers. That is why Youtube suddenly started improving on their live streaming portion of the site (and a lot of streamers went back to Youtube) and Twitch started expanding the variety of videos so that they are not just a gaming site anymore. 

Which one is better?

youtube 204x300 - Will Twitch Replace Youtube?Well, this completely depends on what you want to get out of your viewing experience. I for example love Twitch and could spend hours upon hours watching my favorite streamers play video games. However, I still believe that Youtube has more advantages and that Twitch won’t manage to replace it completely.

First of all, the video variety is greater than that of Twitch (even though Twitch started trying more in this department) – there is not one thing you can google and not get any results. Also, I think that Youtube is a better platform for growth as it will often recommend smaller channels and newer YouTubers. On the other hand, Twitch constantly recommends just the most popular streamers on that platform and you have to try hard to find new people and things to watch.

Of course, this is just my opinion and you should definitely try out both platforms and decide for yourself.