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4 Websites Which Will Pay You for Uploading Videos

Apart from being fun and convenient, the Internet is a great way to earn money as well. We are not talking about online gambling, because betting sites and special offers like the bet365 bonus code 2020 should be used only for fun and not in hopes of making a profit. One of the most popular ways of doing this is by making videos and uploading them on websites which will pay you if your videos generate lots of views.

As you know, YouTube is the most famous platform to do this. It has the highest number of visitors, so there is a good chance that some of them will like what you make. However, YouTube also has the strongest competition. Therefore, there is also a good chance that someone is already doing what you plan to do better than you. 

Luckily for you, there are numerous other websites similar to YouTube which also let you monetize the videos you make. Here is the list of our favorite ones where you should definitely register.

  • Brightcove

making video 300x193 - 4 Websites Which Will Pay You for Uploading VideosBrightcove is a little-known website, which should definitely change, as it deserves a lot more attention. You can create videos you think would be attractive for viewers and upload them on However, the monetization of your videos is slightly different than on YouTube. 

Viewers can either rent or purchase the videos you make, but you will not get paid for views.

Moreover, the minimum price you can set for your videos is 99 cents. Brightcove is a great platform as it gives the creator of the video 70% of their earnings from sales and rentals.

  • DailyMotion

dailymotion logo 300x223 - 4 Websites Which Will Pay You for Uploading VideosDailyMotion is one of the biggest video streaming websites after YouTube. It has 190 million monthly visitors so it’s a powerful platform to share your videos. They have just recently made their paid program available internationally, so this is a great chance to check it out.

However, one thing that some people do not like about DailyMotion is that they transfer earnings quarterly, or four times a year. Moreover, you will only get paid if your earnings exceed $100. If that’s not the case, you will have to wait another three months.

  • MetaCafe

camera 300x200 - 4 Websites Which Will Pay You for Uploading VideosMetaCafe works similarly to YouTube when it comes to the way you can earn money from posting videos. That is, you will be paid per view. Compared to YouTube, MetaCafe can be a lot more profitable, if you consider the pay per view price. For example, you can earn around $1 on YouTube per 1000 views, whereas MetaCafe will pay you up to $5 per 1000 views.

Moreover, MetaCafe will help you promote your new channel by putting your videos on the front page.

That’s because they still do not have too many videos to show, so they need to include the newer ones as well. 


Blip TV is a video sharing platform which is focused on video creators who prefer frequent making and uploading videos for their audience. That makes it a great platform for vloggers who record every single day or several times a week, as well as news reporters and TV show hosts. 


Blip is a great platform for creators who do not like the ads that YouTube adds on their videos. Blip lets every user select which ads they want to show on their videos and where they want to show them.