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5 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Did you know that one of the best ways to increase the time visitors spend on your blog or website is by using videos? This parameter is very important for your SERP standings, as Google determines that your website has quality content since people are spending that much time on it. 

Therefore, if you plan to start uploading videos on your WordPress blog (or if you have already been doing it), you need to start installing some video-related plugins, which are absolutely indispensable. 

Here is a list of our favorite choices which are easy to use and have helped us immensely. 

  • WP Video Lightbox 

bolgging 300x200 - 5 Best WordPress Plugins for BloggersWP Video Lightbox is a great plugin which allows website owners to embed videos into any page they choose on their site. You can use this tool to display YouTube videos, images, Vimeo videos, flash videos, and more. 

This plugin is completely responsive, which is very important nowadays. This means that mobile users can enjoy all the functions it offers just as easily.

The embedding of videos and other media is done using simple shortcodes, and the plugin can automatically create a thumbnail for your videos as well. 

  • FV Flowplayer Video Player 

Unlike the previous plugin, the FV Flowplayer is an HTML5-based video player for your WordPress website. However, it comes with a fallback as well, which is necessary for browsers that do not support HTML. This plugin is simple to use, but it is full of handy features.

FV Flowplayer is completely responsive, so you can run it on any device. Moreover, you can use it to post single videos or create a video playlist. Therefore, you can easily extensively cover an important topic. 

  • Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

This is one of the simplest and most useful WordPress plugins you can install.

Typing 300x200 - 5 Best WordPress Plugins for BloggersIts simplicity is reflected in its name, which says all you need to know about this tool. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator is a foolproof tool that will let you quickly embed videos on your website and create thumbnails for them.

This plugin also lets you choose from one of several popular video players for your videos, including JW Player 6, MediaElement.js, Video.js, and more. All these players are completely responsive, so you can choose whichever you like best.

  • Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Once again, as you can guess from the name of this plugin, it lets you create video galleries for your website. The gallery works great both on mobile and desktop devices, so it is fully responsive. 

You can customize this plugin using several different skin options, and you can create your custom skin to suit the color scheme of your website.

  • Spider Video Player

Last but not least, Spider Video Player is a small but powerful plugin. It works both on HTML5 and flash-based browsers, so all your visitors can use it. It lets you organize the videos on your website any way you want, as well as share those videos on social media.