Video Conference 833x474 - AI And Video Conferencing - The Future of Video Conferences

AI And Video Conferencing – The Future of Video Conferences

Artificial Intelligence is one of the steps in the evolution of humanity. While we might create our own Skynet, we are more likely to create functioning AI which can help us improve. AI is being used everywhere, from search engines, to online casinos which entice users with promo codes such as this Casumo Bonus Code, to join their site and start playing their fun casino games.

AI is used extensively, and the number of industries and parts of industries using AI are growing. AI is starting to find its way to video conferences. Here is how AI is helping video conferences or at least, how it will in no time at all.

AI Makes Setting Up Meetings Easier

Webinar 300x225 - AI And Video Conferencing - The Future of Video ConferencesUh, when you have to set up a meeting, you need to get some codes and then give them out to everybody who needs to attend and they then need to enter the codes. After that, you can start the meeting.

Well, what if you could rely on an AI to help you set up the meeting for you.

Simply invite people and the AI will do the checking and setting up, cutting the time you need to prepare a meeting from a technical standpoint, giving you more time to focus on the topic of the meeting.

AI Taking Notes – You Focus on Talking

Why should you do three things at once when you can have an AI do some work for you, while you focus on the work. Focusing on the meeting, all the talking and what the person speaking is saying, is more important than taking notes and being absent minded. With that in mind, AI will most likely replace us when it comes to taking notes soon enough. Some have these features already, but not every software which offers video meetings. This, when developed, can save some people a lot of time and make them look better in meetings, which can be important for some employers.

AI Solving Audio Issues – AI Can Do a Lot More

headphones 300x225 - AI And Video Conferencing - The Future of Video ConferencesThere are a lot of AI options when it comes to audio editing. There are AIs which remove vocals and make karaoke versions of songs with existing vocals. Some AI remove guitar solos and make some songs great for practicing improvisation. 

That being said, there are AIs today which work while you are talking and they remove all the excess noise from the meeting. Traffic, high-pitched noises and everything which is not the human voice can be removed by a highly trained AI. Good audio quality is important for meetings, so AIs working to remove noise are a logical next step.

AI in the Future and Meetings?

Given the trajectory of AI and the development, it is very likely that AI will soon be able to turn a regular meeting into one with augmented reality elements. Augmented reality includes digital elements, like notes, audio and anything else you might want. In this case, it would be provided by an AI. 

Other than that, AIs are likely to move to clouds and be run not on your machine but remotely. This will make the load on the server side of things, making things easier for the end user. In reality, they would have the benefits of AIs on their mobile phones.

AIs are evolving and are helping even video conferencing.