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How to Record Sound Effects

Audio and sound effects are extremely important for the overall quality of the video. Now, this may look or seem easy, but it’s actually not. It demands a lot of work and creativity if you wish to make those effects sound authentic. The reason why this is important is that the recording camera cannot capture all the sounds that are happening on the scene. 

As a result, you need to have sound files that are going to make the whole scene more believable. Here we will go over some tips and guides on how to record sound effects, for clips, movies, YouTube videos.

Quality Equipment 

work 300x280 - How to Record Sound EffectsOne of the most important components is the quality microphone and of course the pop filter that can eliminate all of the unnecessary sounds from being recorded. This is a pretty standard setup, but it’s also useful to have a room that is isolated so that sounds from the outside can’t end up on the track.

The cleaner sound you get the better, as it will be a lot easier to modify it and adjust it in post-production.

Without these elements, you are likely to record the same thing over and over again. 

Be Creative 

In the movie industry, it’s often not possible to get or to create the type of sound effects you want for a particular scene. This is why they improvise a lot to create effects such as walking, roars, lasters, loosening of arrow string, etc.  Basically, there are tons of different effects that make the whole scene more believable and immersive, and you need to make them all blend seamlessly together. 

Luckily,  there are tons of tutorial videos online that you can use to copy their method of producing a certain sound, or that you can use for inspiration. Once you get a hang of these things you will start to just combine these elements in your head and come up with new and more creative effects.  You can use this to create your own portfolio and even make money by selling them on different sites. So, be very observant of the sounds that surround you, in order to know which ones make sense for you to capture.  

Audio Editor Apps 

microphone 300x195 - How to Record Sound EffectsOnce you have a raw sound file there are a lot of things that you can do to create dozens of different effects. You will have to use audio editing tools in order to do so, and it would be great for you to only focus on mastering a few of these. Your efficiency will increase significantly, once you learn all of the important shortcuts, and what each feature actually does.

Once again, there are online tutorials to help you with this, so go over user reviews and find the most suitable tools that you plan to use.


These were some general tips on how to record sound effects, and create even better effects using those raw materials. Hopefully, you find these tips useful and manage to create a myriad of different sounds for your content.