Tips on Becoming a Gamer on Twitch in 2022

Twitch started out as a website where the gamer community could socialize and watch other gamers play their favorite games. Over time it grew into something more, and eventually, it was acquired by Amazon. In other words, there are way more users now and the platform had to adjust its policy to make sure everyone feels safe. Moreover, it’s no longer an exclusive site for gamers, pretty much people just come to socialize and watch other people stream their daily lives. 

This means that there are way more content creators now and they compete in different categories. So, with all of this in mind is there a way to become a popular gamer or streamer in 2022? Let’s find out. 

Playing Popular Games

Before players were mostly interested in spectating streamers who are trying out new games, and this is still pretty much the case. However, there are way more streamers now, and competing with them in this category won’t get you anywhere. The reason why these streamers are so popular is that they already have a loyal fan base. Since they have more viewers wherever they start to stream, they are the ones who appear as the top choice. 

In other words, in order for you to be visible here, you need to have some sort of audience that wants to see you play these games, and hear your thoughts on that topic. To that end, let’s see how you can start building your audience. 

Playing Less Popular Games

First of all, you should not play anything that you don’t like or that you find annoying. However, there are tons of games on Twitch, and those who are more of a niche choice don’t have as many streamers. Admittedly they don’t have many viewers, but you do get a chance to get noticed and start connecting with other gamers. Browse the games where there aren’t many content creators, and see if there is anything you like to play. 

If you have social networks then share your opinions and your stream schedule, post statuses or stories when the stream starts, and maybe someone will start viewing. Also, you don’t need to play video games, you can play board games or pen and paper RPGs. There is a big fanbase for those as well. 

Be Persistent 

Finally, you need to be aware that this is going to be a grind. You can’t expect to get noticed right away, and you will have to power through even with a handful of viewers. The goal is for those people who watch you, recommend you to their friends, and if you have fun and if you are entertaining, they will definitely do so.