Best Phone Games of 2021

New consoles, new game trailers, announcements, and of course new releases have everyone pumped for the year 2022. But we only get a few exceptional games one way or another, and the wait can sometimes seem unbearable, so it’s a good thing to have some games you can use to kill time as you wait for brand new AAA titles. Much like William Hill Promo Code, mobile games are accessible at all times and they provide great entertainment. So, these mobile experiences are ideal for you to try out and play until big releases become available. Here we will be going over some mobile games that made quite an impression in the year 2021. 

Genshin Impact

This game always sounded too good to be true, but even with this excessive hype that oversells the experience, we can agree that it is a very good game overall. J-RPG fans can get some amazing kicks out of playing Genshin Impact, and the combo system with elements is really satisfying. It is also available for free on PC and consoles, but as you would expect the game is filled with microtransactions. You do have a diverse cast of characters with different play styles so you can bet there will be some really incredible moments, once you unlock the character you like. 

Rocket League Sideswipe

It’s fascinating how Rocket League manages to stay relevant for such a long time. It’s an incredibly realized concept of rocket-powered vehicles that play soccer, and players have enjoyed this competitive game for years. The Sideswipe version really captures the essence of the original and compresses it into a more fast-paced small screen game. It looks simple on the surface but it has a surprising amount of depth or tactics that you can explore while playing.  


Given the involvement of Hironobu Sakaguchi, it comes as no surprise that Fantasian has some strong resemblance to Final Fantasy games. If you want to tier RPG games for mobile you cannot go with this one, especially when you take into consideration how well Final Fantasy is doing at the moment. 

Pokemon Unite

We are constantly getting new Pokemon games and it’s fun to see how developers love to play with this IP and turn it into different experiences. Pokemon GO was a massive success, and Pokemon Unite turns the iconic battles into a MOBA game. Since Dota and League of Legends are really popular, this is the right move to attract pokemon fans who enjoy these competitive games. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Finally, if you love League of Legends, or if you enjoyed the Netflix series Arcane then you should definitely install Wild Rift. This is by far the best MOBA experience on mobile, and you will be surprised how well it was executed. Knowing how the game works on the PC it’s hard to imagine playing it on a phone, but it turns out it’s really fun and it works better than you would expect. So, don’t let your doubts cloud your judgement, give Wild Rift a chance.