youtube 833x474 - Can You Make Good Quality YouTube Videos With Just Your Smartphone Camera?

Can You Make Good Quality YouTube Videos With Just Your Smartphone Camera?

Being a YouTuber is a solid choice for a career, especially if you are passionate about a certain topic and know how to talk about it in an entertaining way. That being said, it can also seem like it’s too expensive, considering how much equipment you need in order to produce high-quality videos. 

Fortunately, it isn’t too bad, being a YouTuber comes to the skill and whether a person knows how they can utilize what they have in the best way possible. Luckily, smartphones enable people to use them for various purposes, from searching for entertainment like the Lucky pants bingo promo code to obviously using it as a video camera. So, new YouTubers, you can rely on a smartphone camera until you get enough funds to up their game. 


smartphone camera 300x200 - Can You Make Good Quality YouTube Videos With Just Your Smartphone Camera?First, we should address the limitations you will be facing using a smartphone camera.

For starters, the image quality is best in natural daylight, which will kind of dictate your recording schedule, especially if you plan to film outside. You might also have to stay close to the camera, so you won’t have any distant shots. Other than that you should not have other difficulties. Lots of smartphone cameras create more than decent video quality.


If you want your video to look professional you will need a phone tripod or other item that can hold the phone while it records. Our hands get shaky and it’s impossible to make videos under the right angle if we just rely on our hands. Basically, you need to treat your phone as an actual camera and you will see that the videos you produce look really good. As mentioned the lighting plays an important role so you might have to put a few extra lamps, or reflectors in order for this to work. 

Video Editing 

youtube video 300x250 - Can You Make Good Quality YouTube Videos With Just Your Smartphone Camera?Depending on the type of content you are creating, you will need either light or heavy editing.  This is why knowing how to use video editing tools will definitely come in handy. You can even use other apps to create the whole presentation by using clips from other shows and movies. All you need to do is study copyright laws so that you know how much of certain footage you can use in your video without getting into trouble. 

There are lots of viral videos where the creators just appear at the start and at the end, and they also use phone cameras. Everything else boils down to a quality script and great video editing. 

Sound Effects

Now sound effects and sound quality are almost just as important as video quality. You can also use your phone to create a recording and then use separate software to clean up that audio. It would be extremely useful if you have a decent microphone but you should be able to get away with low sound quality when you start your channel. 


As you can see a lot of work goes into a YouTube video and it goes beyond just filming. This is why you can use a phone camera since only a small portion of the video will include the footage taken by that camera. It’s more important for you to know how to express yourself, and how to create an overall entertaining presentation for the viewers. If you work on those skills you should have no trouble earning enough cash for a higher quality camera.