featured image 4 Best Video Related Extensions for Browsers You Definitely Need - 4 Best Video-Related Extensions for Browsers You Definitely Need

4 Best Video-Related Extensions for Browsers You Definitely Need

If you are a video creator, you can make your browser into a powerful editing tool if you know what you’re doing. A lot of people do not use the “Extensions” feature in their browsers enough, but if they did, it could make their lives a lot easier. 

Numerous extensions can be installed on your browser in seconds, allowing you to create, edit, and mix videos in minutes. Don’t think that these extensions are less capable than other simple video editors just because they are extensions.

Let’s take a look at the list of our favorite video-related extensions that you should install and enjoy right now.


This is one of the simplest video editors you can install on your computer. This tool is very easy to use and the results you can get with it are high quality and professional look. It has numerous features that you can use, which extends its functionality. 

You can use WeVideo on any video or any device, wherever you are, so you will not end up stranded without your favorite tool ever again. Moreover, you can easily add a voice-over and activate several editing modes which will be especially handy for beginners.


ClipChamp is a reliable and useful video compressor and converter that everyone who works with videos should definitely use. It has a straightforward drag and drop interface and compresses videos without damaging their quality. 

Moreover, this simple tool can be used to record video directly through your webcam. You can use it to make videos in 360, 480, and 720p. Therefore, if you are a vlogger, ClipChamp will be a lifesaver for you.


Screencastify is the ultimate screencast and screenshot tool. It packs several very powerful punches in one package. However, this extension is available as both a free and a paid version. Unfortunately, not all of its killer features are available in the free version. 

If you opt for the light version, you will be able to record videos up to 20 minutes long. You can create both VP8 and WEBM videos and save them locally on your computer. Moreover, if you wish, you can upload files directly to YouTube, which will make your life easier if you have a YouTube channel.


If you are a YouTube creator, another very powerful tool that is a must is called TubeBuddy. You can use this extension both to optimize your videos and to manage your YouTube channel, if you have one. 

You can use it to update descriptions of your videos, generate thumbnails, engage with your subscribers, and so much more.