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The Explosive Rise of Video on Social Media

Videos on social media have been constantly expanding over the course of the last few years just like Online Casino Bitcoin did. View count of branded videos on YouTube and Facebook have doubled between 2016 and 2017. On Twitter, video tweets get far more views than photo tweets. Instead of stating numerical statistics, we will show you a few examples. Let’s see how social networks have used video content to engage their audiences.


facebook social media 278x300 - The Explosive Rise of Video on Social MediaWith over 2 billion users, Facebook has the largest number of users compared to any other social network. This means that the large percentage of the world’s population has a Facebook account, and a vast majority of those people are watching some video content on this network, with number of hours spent exceeding millions.  

Compared to all the other social networks, Facebook has the most diverse audience, with people coming from various cultures and backgrounds. All those people come to Facebook for one purpose — to have fun. So, the fact is that certain videos that wouldn’t have many views on any other platform reach incredible viewership on Facebook, which just goes on to show how popular Facebook really is.

People are sucked up so deep into the social networks vortex that they would watch pretty much any content that’s being presented on their news feed. 


More videos are being watched on YT than on any other social network. Over 1 billion hours of video content is being watched every single day on YouTube. YouTube is also one of the world’s largest search engines, second only to its parent company Google. 

People get lost spending time on YouTube platform for a variety of reasons. Whether they want to laugh, learn, jam out to their favorite music, or catch up on pop culture, people can find whatever they were looking for on Youtube. 


Instagram 300x200 - The Explosive Rise of Video on Social MediaIt’s no secret that people love hanging out on Instagram. For many people, it’s a pleasant alternative to information overload from other social networks. There’s an appealing simplicity of watching visual content without having to read. Although it’s not the biggest social network (yet), Instagram is a top choice for a whole lot of people.  

When Instagram was launched in 2010, it had over two million users in the first month alone. In the following year, it had already amassed 10 million active users.

Nowadays, there are over one billion monthly active users worldwide.  

As Instagram’s popularity has exploded in the last five years or so, many people have managed to create a career out of posting videos and images. The majority of the videos that are being posted on Instagram fit into the categories of beauty, fashion, body positivity, and fitness. Some of the most popular names on Instagram can earn thousands for posting only one video.