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The Technology Behind Live Casino Streaming

Nowadays, casino excitement and joy have been available to people in the comfort of their homes via numerous online casino games and bonus codes for betting such as the Virgin Games promo code. However, it wasn’t until recently that players have gotten the opportunity to enjoy the immersive experience of land-based casinos and were deprived of that specific splendor. Fortunately, that changed with the arrival of a new gambling platform based on live-stream technology. 

For those who are curious about this new blooming trend in the online gaming industry, here are some facts to help you get a better understanding of what live dealer casino games are all about. 


When you choose a casino of your liking and opt for a specific live dealer game, you are basically entering a platform which is a combination of a computerized game and a live-stream video. After the game you’ve selected loads, you will be greeted by a real, human dealer. There are cameras all over the streamed casino room, so you’ll be able to communicate visually with a dealer that has been appointed to you. 

casino gambling 300x179 - The Technology Behind Live Casino StreamingJust like in a brick-and-mortar casino, croupiers are managing games, and you can see first hand all their moves like card dealing, card shuffling, dice throwing, and wheel spinning. You place bets by clicking on your mouse, and after a while, the croupier starts rolling the dice. All the signaling is being performed impeccably, so you won’t have to worry whether or not you’ll have enough time to place your bets.

Some casino operators make sure that there is a reminder on the screen showing how much time is left for you to place bets, while others leave it all to their dealers. 

Although you’re actually able to see the croupier in 3D dealing cards on the table, there are no real chips involved. You’re actually placing virtual chips, which are the representation of your real prize. You can check your account balance and other important information on a control panel.

Key Live Casino Components 

poker 280x300 - The Technology Behind Live Casino StreamingEvery live casino platform consists of a few components which create an authentic casino experience. Here are the main ones: 

  • Cameras — Needless to say, cameras play a vital role in the successful streaming of live casino games. The latest tech advances have made it possible for smaller but more sophisticated cameras to be used for streaming live feeds. 
  • Game Control Unit — The GCU is probably the most important ingredient in every live casino platform and every casino room runs on this type of technology. The device itself is quite small and its function is to encode the video that is being broadcast. Basically, live casino games wouldn’t be possible without the GCU. 
  • Dealer — As you might have noticed before, dealers are responsible for managing the game so that the player doesn’t feel the difference between this gambling format and the one provided in land-based casinos. All croupiers undergo a thorough training session before being hired for the job as no esteemed casino would tolerate a dealer that isn’t familiar with the rules of the games.